Animal Talent


Gender: Female
Height: 27
Weight: 90
Hair Color: Black and Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Print-Rosie Suerdieck, Sleep On It Productions, & Houston Chronicle
Blue Moon Doga Book-Yoga For Dogs

Actors Anonymous, Featured Dog, Sleep On It Productions
REM, Featured Dog, Sleep On It Productions
Joy Comes In The Morning, Featured Dog, SCS Films

Frank’s My Guy, Featured Dog, KPRC
Great Day Houston, Featured Doga Dog, KHOU
My Dog & Me, Featured Doga Dog, KPRC
Pup Scouts, Featured Doga Dog, FOX Studio
Mirror-Mirror, Featured Doga Dog, Live Well HD
Wild About Houston, Featured Doga Dog, KTBU
Austin Southpaws, Featured Doga Dog, KEYE

Zoey is an AKC Grand Champion Conformation Show Dog.

She can perform all the basic obedience skills and enjoys swimming.
Sit, stay, down, and various yoga poses on command. She is very friendly and comfortable on set with all of the equipment, cameras, and cast/crew. She prefers to kiss all around her.

She has been in three films and a variety of television shows. She performs doga, which is yoga for dogs and her book, Blue Moon Doga, Yoga for Dogs was published several years ago.

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