Akeria Coons

Animal Talent


Gender: Female
Height: 14
Weight: 9.5
Hair Color: Calicco
Hair Length: lShort
Eye Color: Hazel
Multilingual: None

Other Skills
Female - Domestic Cat

She's mellow and super friendly with everyone and Loves people, gives tons of love to everyone she meets, She loves going hiking, go on family walks, camping, loves the outdoors, going on road trips & car rides, curious about meeting other animals & have been exposed to other animals (birds, ducks, cows, horses, cats, pig, etc) throughout the 6 years of road trip in a 45' motor coach traveling all over the USA and Canada with her 9 year old Akita sister. She loves getting her spa day to get groomed regularly. She's super patient while getting dressed up for photos.

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