Veronica De La Rosa

Model, Actor, Promotions


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Location(s): Austin
Gender: Female
Age: 23-28
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140
Chest: 36 B
Shirt Size: m
Dress Size: 6
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Length: long
Eye Color: hazel
Multilingual: Spanish

Model & Commercial Print Experience
ScyFy- Defiance @SXSW Thursday-3.7.13
Friday-3.8.13 Saturday-3.9.13
Party Tapper App @SXSW Monday- 3.11.13
Wednesday- 3.13.13
Heineken Promo @ Little Woodrows, The Park, and Spinners Sunday- 3.17.13
Dos Equis- Amber promo at Spec’s at Bee Caves Saturday- 3.30.13
Dos Equis- promo at pluckers in austin and San Marcos- Sunday 4.28.13
Chevy Dealers promo for Univision- Pfluegerville - Saturday and Sunday; 6.7.2013 & 6.8.2013
New Castle Promotion: Wednesday 6.12.13
Mr. Clean Promotion: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 6.14-16.13
New Castle promotion: Wednesday 6.19.13
Breckenridge Vodka and Bourbon Whiskey: Friday 6.21.13 and Saturday 6.22.13
Strongbow promo: Tuesday 6.25.13
Newcastle promo: Wednesday 6.26.13
Heineken and Newcastle promo: Saturday 6.29.13
Newcastle promo: Wednesday 7.3.13
Newcastle promo: wednesday 7.13.13
Adidas promo: Wednesday-Friday 7.10-12.13
Heineken and newcastle promo: Friday 7.12.13
Newcastle promo: Wednesday 7.17.13
Wine promo: Saturday 7.20.13
Strongbow promo: Saturday 7.20.13
Newcastle promo: Wednesday 7.24.13
Newcastle promo: Friday 7.26.13

photo shoot: South Park Meadows- April 17, 2013
photo shoot: Sixth Street and Congress- April 24, 2013
Photo shoot: Kenyan College Summer Reading- April 30, 2013
Photo Shoot: San Marcos River- May 29, 2013
Photo Shoot: Wedding Floral shoot, Austin TX- June 4, 2013

Auditioning and acting classes with Atelier Development company- July 2013

Other Skills
Krav Maga Self Defense- basic beginner skills
T.A.B.C. certified
Poetry recitation

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