Luz Ojeda

Model, Actor, Dancer


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Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
Gender: Female
Age: 11-13
Date of Birth: Nov 2002
Height: 49 IN
Weight: 50
Chest: 30 IN
Waist: 27 IN
Hips: 31 IN
Shirt Size: 6T - 7T
Dress Size: 6T - 7T
Shoe Size: 13T
Hair Color: BROWN
Hair Length: LONG
Eye Color: BROWN
Multilingual: Spanish
Texas Work Permit

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Stock Photo; Medical - Steve Hix - September 2009
Stock Photo; Family - Steve Hix - December 2008
Stock Photo; Education - Richard Bingham - September 2008
Stock Photo; Family - Jack Hollingsworth - July 2008

Speed Stack - Extra, August 2008 - Jabbar Rabias, Director

"Toddlers & Tiaras" - Supporting/ Authentic Entertainment - The Learning Channel (TLC) 2008-2009

Seussical Jr. - Supporting; Kim Knight, Director; April 2009
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus - Principal; Maritza Rodriguez, Director; 2009
Angels Among Us - Supporting; Denetria Serrato, Director; 2008
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer -
Kiss The Girl - Supporting; Carly Bell, Director; 2007

Know Your Type/Headshot Excellence - Jeff Curley; 2010
Acting I - Kim Knight, 2009
Power Auditioning - Jeff Curley; 2008

Other Skills
Very outgoing and has great attitude
Enjoys to be photographed and pose in front of the camera
Great memory skills
Karate Classes Since 2007
Spanish Classes; Since 2007
Sign Language Classes; Since 2007
Gymnastics Classes; Since 2007
Dance Classes (Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap and Jazz); Since 2006

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