Model, Actor, Dancer


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Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, Louisiana, Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115
Chest: 32
Waist: 24
Hips: 33
Shirt Size: M
Dress Size: 4
Shoe Size: 8-8 1/2
Union Status: SAGe
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Color: Hazel
California Work Permit
Coogan Account

Model & Commercial Print Experience

*National Education Publication- Lead
*Harcourt Life Science Textbook- Lead
*Harcourt Physical Science Textbook- Lead
*Altus Athletic Product Packaging- Lead
*Taylor Publishing Company Yearbook Promo- Lead

*Friday Night Lights- Featured Fan on the field
*The Purity Ring - Lead- Bluefish TV
*Drama- Lead- Wild Child Entertainment- SXSW Audience Choice Award
*The Final-Supporting- Agora Entertainment
*Nothing Happened- Voiceover for lead- Terence Nance
*Biblical Stories- Supporting- Bluefish TV
*The Good Life- Lead- Northlake College
*The Greatest Story Ever Told-Lead- Bluefish TV
*The Man Who Came Back-Supporting- Walker Bowen Cohen Productions
*Fact of the Matter- Supporting- Bluefish TV
*The Gossip-Supporting- Bluefish TV
*Inspector Mom MOW-Supporting- Inspector Mom LLC
*Fat Girls- Supporting- Cranium Entertainment
*She Gets What She Wants-Bandeira Entertainment
*A Four Course Meal-Supporting- Somnambulist Guild

*Texas Education Agency- Voice - Regional
*Home Depot- Voice (National)- Citadel Media Group
*Eli Hawkins book trailer- Voice of Eli
*Toy Story 1 and 2 Promos- Voice (National)- The Disney Channel
*Youth Service America- Voice (National)- Citadel Media Group
*Texas Water Conservation- Voice (Regional)-Citadel Media Group
*Boy Scouts of America- Voice of Chubb (National)- Dallas Audio Post
*Charlie Brown- Voice (National) Advent Calendar- Gemmy Products
*Wii Activity Pad- Voice (National) ABC Radio
*Linus Christmas Doll- Voice- (National) Gemmy Products
*Who's Hot Showcase- Co-Host (Regional) CW Network
*Wal-Mart- Lead for Step Up 2 The Street (National) ABC Radio
*Radio Disney-Lead Voiceover(Regional and National Spots)-ABC Radio
*Barney- 6 episodes/ 2 HV- Multiple roles- HIT Entertainment
*Chuck E. Cheese X-Mas Video- Supporting- Chuck E Cheese Productions
*Walker, Texas Ranger- Supportin- Amadea Productions

*Alexander is not going to Move- Lead- Creative Arts Theatre School
*A Christmas Carol- Supporting- CATS
*Junie B. Jones…Monkey Business- Lead- CATS
*Texas Northern Region Honor Orchestra- Cellist
*Tiny Thumbelina- Lead- CATS
*Oliver Twist- Supporting- The Oakridge School
*James and the Giant Peach- Supporting- Theatre Arlington
*Joseph …Dreamcoat (Jon Secada)- Supporting- Dallas Summer Musicals

*Comedy and Drama scene analysis- Amber Horn and Industry Guests
*Acting for Series Regular- Amber Horn
*Acting for Disney- Cathy Sullivan
*Acting for Film High School Master (ongoing)- Cathy Sullivan
*Cold Reading/Improv (ongoing)- Nancy Chartier
*Audition skills/Cold Reading (ongoing)- Amber Horn
*Master Improv- Cody Linley
*Audition and Scene Study- Christian Kaplan
*Scene Study Intensive- Jason LaPadura
*Audition Techiques- Howard Meltzer and Shannon Flynn
*Voiceover Techniques- Scott Mulkey
*Improv-Cathryn Hartt, Jennifer Patredis
*Commercial Auditions- Chris Seay, Donise Hardy
*Acting for Camera Workshop- Mitchel Gossett, Chey MaCalik
*Audition Techniques-Donnajeane Goheen, Barbara Brinkley
*Voiceover Techniques- Bettye Zoller, Melissa Berger, Bryan Jester
*Cold Reading- Joey Paul Jensen, Scarlett Mcalister,Cathryn Sullivan
*Jazz and Lyrical Dance- Heather Simmons
*Cello (Ongoing)- Tanda Sykes

Other Skills
Trampoline acrobatics, Ice skating, Roller blading, Softball, Field Hockey, Track &Field, Soccer, Swimming, Rock climbing, Beginning Chinese, Singing (Alto-2nd soprano), Dance (Jazz, Freestyle), Guitar (Rhythm), Quick Study, Physical Comedy, Cartoon Voices, Interviewing Skills, Voiceover, Garage Band, Song Writing,National Junior Honor Society, Guitar Hero, Beginning Piano, Intermediate Cello

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